INSENSE Music Works Inc. Company Profile

Established: 2001

Business Outline: Label business/Artist management/Plan, produce and promote music products/Produce elevator music/Event planning and execution.

Label operation: Over 20 albums are released every year particularly in the compilation products, where we proactively engage in efforts to achieve share working with various industries such as cafes or apparel companies.

Management: Ukulele player, Ryo Natoyama whose 4th album, “UKULELE SPLASH!” and “UKULELE Merry Christmas!” were released in 2015, both nominated for “Na Hoku Hanohano Awards 2016”, Grammy award Hawaiian version and “UKULELE SPLASH!” won!

Produce elevator music: Offering elevator music to over 500 shops including cafes, apparel shops, hotels and general stores, where we extend our service to design the sound systems.